Ren Agro is part of Ren Group and represents a major segment of the entire business of the group. Ren Agro is not only subsidiary, but also a strong brand bearing the complete satisfaction to our partners.


Oil Seeds

coriander-seedsCoriander is a crop, widely grown by Bulgarian farmers. Bulgarian coriander seeds are known with its high quality - light color and full-bodied flavor. Rеn Group is a major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bulgarian origin coriander seeds, stored, cleaned and packed in its own processing plant.

As a company, focused on detailed satisfaction of customer needs, we carefully select raw materials, examine the quality of each lot in our licensed laboratory in order to divide the input material for different qualitative advantages of coriander: oil content, color range and size of coriander fruits, as well as purity and splits content.  View More

Sunflower seeds – Sunflower seeds are probably one of the main crops grown in Bulgaria. Favorable climate and soil characteristics allow many Bulgarian farmers to grow sunflower seeds with superior quality and high yields. Ren Group Bulgaria is the main processor of agricultural production in the region, and accordingly a major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of sunflower seeds.

The company buys sunflower with Bulgarian origin directly from its farming partners. Larger part of the whole Bulgarian crop consists of black oil sunflower (sunflower for oil and bakery), but also are widespread striped sunflower, widely used in bird feed industry and also big size sunflower seeds, used in confectionery industry and for direct consumption.  View More

Sunflower-seeds-strippedStriped sunflower is a crop that has a tradition in Bulgarian agriculture, although widely grown is black oil sunflower. Many farmers grow specially striped varieties due to the higher sales price and high demand.

Most often, the purpose of the Bulgarian striped sunflower seeds is to be sold as a main ingredient for bird feed or like confectionery sunflower seeds for human consumption. View More

pumpkin-seedsPumpkin seeds, also known as pepita seeds are extremely healthy food. Its cultivation in Bulgaria growing every year, thanks to subsidies granted by the European Union.

Ren Agro, process and export Bulgarian origin Lady nail pumpkin seeds worldwide. Our company carefully selects the raw materials which will be processed. Close contacts with local farmers helps to control the quality of pumpkin seeds, as well as to implement the right storage conditions. Phases of the supply are maximally optimized, so we are able to offer our customers with very attractive and competitive prices. Except lady nails, we also work with Shine Skin pumpkin seeds and other types according clients requirements.


chickpeas-kabuliChick peas - Chickpeas is a crop that has a long tradition in Bulgarian agriculture. Last year Bulgarian farmers received subsidies from EU for planting of high protein crops, which stimulates the growing of white chickpeas in many areas of the country. Last year harvested products were of good quality and different sizes, corresponding to the varietal variety of Kabuli type.

Ren Group Bulgaria is a major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bulgarian origin chickpeas Kabuli type, also known as kabuli chana, garbanzo and gram. We source and collect small chickpeas and large chickpeas directly from Bulgarian farmers with strictly examined quality as size, purity, moisture, splits etc. View More

Yellow-PeasYellow peas - Like chickpeas, Bulgarian origin yellow peas (yellow vetchling) is part of European Union policy to subsidize high-protein crops in Bulgaria. Last year's harvest are characterized by good quality and yield, thanks to the good care of farmers and high quality of the seeds.

Bulgarian whole yellow peas and yellow split peas are one of the leading products of the Agricultural commodities division of Ren Group Bulgaria. We established ourselves as one of biggest Bulgarian manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of whole and split yellow peas with Bulgarian origin. View More

Our business consists in originating, processing, marketing and brokerage of agricultural products, both locally and internationally. We are partnering with farmers , traders , agents and processors. Our goal is to optimize the supply chain cost and qualitative and to provide added value. Ren Agro includes various activities in different agricultural areas: Trade in all kinds of grains and oilseeds, transport and logistics of agricultural commodities, consulting and implementation of innovative solutions in agro business.

Our cornerstones are sunflower, wheat, rapeseed, soy, corn, barley. We are also strong in einkorn, spelled, chickpeas, coriander seeds, millet and sorghum. Ren Agro has implemented a system of quality control of production and legal and documentary procedures at any stage. We want to build a safe environment for our partners, through fair sharing of risk and its minimization.