Chickpeas (chick peas) is a crop that has a long tradition in Bulgarian agriculture. Last year Bulgarian farmers received subsidies from EU for planting of high protein crops, which stimulates the growing of white chickpeas in many areas of the country. Last year harvested products were of good quality and different sizes, corresponding to the varietal variety of Kabuli type.

Ren Group Bulgaria is a major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bulgarian origin chickpeas Kabuli type, also known as kabuli chana, garbanzo and gram. We source and collect small chick peas and large chic kpeas directly from Bulgarian farmers with strictly examined quality as size, purity, moisture, splits etc. Securely stored goods is divided into lots, which are subsequently cleaned, according to the individual requirements of each customer.

Our high-quality equipped laboratory continuously monitors the quality of chickpea from its sourcing to its export. Packaging could be according our clients’ needs. The documentary department of Ren Group Bulgaria provide all documents needed for export of the goods and assists its clients for all their documentary requirements. Аt the same time our logistics department provides transportation to anywhere in the world. The cleaning plant of Ren Group Bulgaria provide our customers exactly what they want. The ability to precisely cleaning makes us a preferred supplier of Bulgarian kabuli type chickpeas, both whole and split.



  • Moisture: 12 % max
  • Foreign matter: 0.5% - 2%
  • Size: 6 mm-12 mm
  • Spoilt kernels: 1 %-5%
  • Broken/Splits: 1%-5%
  • Live insects: Nil
  • Infected - Not allowed
  • Organoleptic: Natural taste, smell and color
  • Origin - Bulgarian
  • Crop – 2015/2016


  • Production of chickpeas flour
  • Production of animal feed
  • Production of hummus, mirchi bajji, rancho, Burmese tofu, halo-halo etc.


  • New PP bags - 25kg
  • Big Bags - 1 ton
  • Bulk


  • By Containers
  • By Truckloads
  • By Train
  • MOQ: 23 MT


  • Quality Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • SGS Inspection