Rapeseed/Canola – Rapeseed is one of the most popular crops in Bulgaria. Bulgarian farmers rely on growing rapeseed, to make crop rotation and at the same time to receive a higher income per hectare, compared with other agricultural crops.

Many Bulgarian producers, traders and processors are ISCC certified in order to be competitive on the world market. The main uses of rapeseed are for animal feeds, edible oil and biodiesel production.

Ren Agro as a part of Ren Group Bulgaria is leading processor, supplier and exporter of Bulgarian origin rapeseed.

Buying rapeseed from our company, provides to our clients the privilege to work with our professional team and to get high quality product at a very competitive price. We control the quality constantly - from the purchase of raw materials, through their processing and cleaning to the shipping of the goods (and even after this). In our modern laboratory we measure the moisture, oil content and admixtures.

Ren Agro clean and trade Bulgarian rapeseed all around the world on contract or spot basis, so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact our commercial team.


  • Moisture – max. 10%
  • Foreign matter – max. 2%
  • Oil content – min. 42%
  • Erucic Acid – 2%
  • Organoleptic - Natural taste, smell and color
  • Live insects – Nil
  • Origin - Bulgarian
  • Crop – 2015/2016


  • Production of animal feeds
  • Edible vegetable oils
  • Production of biodiesel


  • New PP bags 25 kg/920 nos
  • Big Bag 1 ton
  • Bulk


  • By Containers
  • By Truckloads
  • MOQ: 23 MT


  • Quality Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • SGS Inspection