Yellow Peas

Yellow peas - Like chickpeas, Bulgarian origin yellow peas (yellow vetchling) is part of European Union policy to subsidize high-protein crops in Bulgaria. Last year's harvest are characterized by good quality and yield, thanks to the good care of farmers and high quality of the seeds.

Bulgarian whole yellow peas and yellow split peas are one of the leading products of the Agricultural commodities division of Ren Group Bulgaria. We established ourselves as one of biggest Bulgarian manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of whole and split yellow peas with Bulgarian origin. We work closely with Bulgarian farmers, producers of yellow pea in order to ensure input raw materials for our cleaning facility.

Carefully selected, passed through laboratory control, precisely cleaned and perfectly packed, this product became an ideal raw material for our customers ,using yellow peas as food (feed) for birds ( mainly pigeons) and animals, and also in food industry for people.

Each lot, prepared for export is accompanied by the all necessary documents, prepared by our highly qualified documentary department. Rеn Group Bulgaria could provide quantities to its customers according preliminary agreements for new 2016/2017 crop.


  • Moisture - max.14%
  • Foreign matter – 0.5%-4%
  • Infected - not allowed
  • Broken/Splits - 1%-10%
  • Other color - 3%
  • Organoleptic - Natural taste, smell and color
  • Live insects - Nil
  • Origin - Bulgarian
  • Crop – 2015/2016


  • Production of yellow peas flour
  • Production of animal feed,
  • Production of bird feed
  • Human consumption
  • Production of split pea.


  • New PP bags 25 kg/920 nos
  • Big Bag 1 ton
  • Bulk


  • By Containers
  • By Truckloads
  • By Train
  • MOQ: 23 MT


  • Quality Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • SGS Inspection