Who We Are

Rеn Group is a business organization, consortium of companies that embodies high organizational culture, innovative business approaches, and commonly accepted ethical standards. Our business model is based on continuous adding value to the products and services that we offer in order to satisfy the individual requirements of each client. Through unique innovative approaches, we optimize supply chains, thereby building a number of competitive advantages in the form of quality goods and services. Our goal is to offer customers not only prices and conditions, but satisfactory solutions that will help them to improve their competitiveness.

The company operates in several industries: agriculture, food, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, transport and logistics. We are not spatially limited, and have trusted partners worldwide, this allows us to be flexible and to serve our clients accurately and timely.

Our Business Model

Ren Group follows a business model based on differentiation of the various activities of the company, although each business unit operates in connection with others in order to achieve a synergistic effect. Our efforts are aimed on providing a complete service to the most important persons for us - our clients and partners. For this reason we have implemented a software management system linking all companies in the group, allowing us to work as a single business entity. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a company that meet customer needs in details. We are working to build a secure environment in which our partners can feel calm and confident. Ren Group combines new technologies and techniques with classical marketing strategies to provide a unique, non copyable service. Оn the other hand we strive to conduct socially responsible policy aimed both to our employees and to disadvantaged groups in our society.