Ren Group Bulgaria, through Ren Ingredients is a leading supplier, exporter  and wholesaler of essential oils, produced by various methods of extraction according to the specifics of the source.


Essential oils and oleoresins

rosehipPressed Rosehip seed oil – Ren Group Bulgaria, through Ren Ingredients is a leading supplier, exporter and wholesaler of rosehip oil, produced by extraction from the seeds of rosehip fruit.

As a company involved in the cultivation of rosehips (mainly rosa canina L variety), we work closely with some of the most reliable producers of Rosehip seed oil in the world. Thus we are able to offer our international customers with complete satisfaction and quality, tailored to their individual requirements.

Nuts & Kernels

sunflower-kernelsSunflower kernels - Last few years, Sunflower kernels, also known as peeled sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts or hulled sunflower seeds, became extremely popular for production in Bulgaria. Many processing plants were established to export its goods mainly to Western Europe, Scandinavia and the United States.

As a company, major player on the market of sunflower in Bulgaria, Ren Agro and its trading team, cooperate with the most reliable Bulgarian manufacturers to provide its customers with best quality sunflower kernels at very attractive prices. 

sunflower-kernel-chipsSunflower kernels Chips is a product which is chopped peeled sunflower. The chips is produced from the same high-quality sunflower and is used the same processing method like kernels. This leads to production of high quality and cost effective product for bakery, confectionery industry and bird feed industry, which is ready for direct use without any additional treatment.

Ren Agro has partnered with the most reliable producers of peeled sunflower and sunflower kernels chips in Bulgaria. We successfully manage and control the production process, in order to supply our customers with high quality raw materials on attractive prices.